Monterey Senior Photos

Monterey County is a beautiful place to take your senior photos! It is filled was so many wonderful options such as the gorgeous sunsetting beach, the historical downtown areas such as Cannery Row as well as great hiking trails!

Senior Portrait Monterey | Tee Lambert Photography

For Lana’s senior photo session we opted for a lovely location right off a nearby hiking trail. As soon as we came around the corner out jaws dropped at how gorgeous this location turned out to be!

Senior Pictures Salinas | Tee Lambert Photography

It was a perfect day in Monterey for her senior photos; the way the lighting fell between the Trees, the colors of the flowers in the field, even the weather as it was raining a few days prior!

Senior Portrait Carmel | Tee Lambert Photography

Lana is so sweet for trusting us as we ventured through the flowers and trail path. It was a privilege taking her senior photos in Monterey.

Senior Portrait Salinas, California | Tee Lambert Photography

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

 Colin Powell

Salinas Senior Portrait | Tee Lambert Photography

Monterey Senior Photos

Are you looking to visit Monterey or are a local yet want to play tourist around this beautiful area? You totally should! 

Monterey Photographer | Tee Lambert Photography
Monterey Senior Photo | Tee Lambert Photography

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Marina, California Senior Photo | Tee Lambert Photography
Carmel, California Senior Photo | Tee Lambert Photography

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“Thank you for yesterday’s photo shoot. Lana said it was so much fun and that you two were great. Believe me that is a lot coming from her!  I wanted to savor the moment as I watched you all as a little working group. It was precious. To date you are my favorite photographer and assistant.”

Lana’s Mom, Diana

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