Siblings Fall Mini Session

Growing up, neither of our families were big into the yearly family formal photos. Every chance we are all together we make the extra effort to snap a photo with are parents and siblings!

photography siblings

When Jacey had reached out to us for photos of just the kids, we knew how important it was! Kids grow up fast! It is this precious moment, before they start moving out that warms the heart of a mom.

family photos  siblings

Both Tee and Rebecca have siblings and we don’t always get along with our siblings. We are so different yet so similar that we tend to bump heads. Yet at the end of the day they are our first best friends.

senior portrait

As life goes on, it sometimes moves siblings and parents a part. However it’s precious family traditions like these that help bring us together.

Families who make a place for traditions in their routine and rhythm place another great building block within the family identity. Family traditions are a bit like the old chair we have in our living room. It’s become more than a comfortable chair; it’s a part of our family identity. Family traditions build family memories. They’re talked about, reviewed and become a part of the family story. Traditions nurture the sense of belonging that makes up an identity in families.

Focus on the Family
siblings at toro park
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