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Carmel engagement photographer | Tee and Rebecca Photography

Where do we start with William and Camille’s Carmel Wedding Proposal? Well, it was like a moment out of a hallmark movie, I kid you not! It was so precious! Tee and I love getting to know our couples! William shared with us that Carmel has always been a special place for he and Camille. They often come to Carmel and Monterey as a getaway to spend quality time. They know that investing in their relationship and time together is so important!

Walk along Carmel Beach
Carmel Beach Walking Trail
how to propose by Tee and Rebecca Photography

William and Camille have been dating for 6 years with the first 4 years being long distance! Long distance relationships take intentionality to survive. I’m going to make an assumption, but I bet this is part of why they truly understand that quality time together is so vital!

Beautiful Day in Carmel
Beach Proposal in Monterey by Tee and Rebecca Photography
Yes, on the left is a cute little Sea Otter enjoying the day! It’s like he knew William was about to propose and was giving William and Camille an applause in congratulations as they step into preparing for marriage…. or perhaps he was just cracking open a shell but let’s go with the clapping as it fits right into the sweet fairy tale, hallmark moment.
Beach Proposal Photographer | Tee and Rebecca Photography

When Tee and I are contacted to document a surprise proposal, we are not only giddy because we love them; but we truly appreciate how important this moment really is! For each couple this moment is very different! For William he wanted to keep it a surprise. They often go for walks together, so this was not strange for them to take a stroll. A little fun fact, Camille had set her Apple watch thinking it was going to be another regular walk. Like most of us we all are trying to hit those goals wherever we can…or is that just me?

California beach proposal by Tee and Rebecca Photography
Carmel Beach proposal by Tee and Rebecca Photography
Big Sur proposal by Tee and Rebecca Photography
Engagement ring by Tee and Rebecca Photography
How to propose at the beach by Tee and Rebecca Photography

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We get the honor to document people’s lives with what we do. Precious moments such as milestones don’t have to just be the wedding day. We are trusted with proposals, engagements, weddings, elopements, maternity, all the way to documenting your families annual photograph. Your story and the love you have for each other is so important. These photos spread love and they grow the bonds within the family. While there will be trials in our lifetime, its moments like these that just melt your heart!

Engagement Wedding Photographer in Carmel California
Monterey Engagement Photographer by Tee and Rebecca Photography
wedding ring by Tee and Rebecca Photography
Proposal ideas by Tee and Rebecca Photography
Big Sur by Tee and Rebecca Photography

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