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Monterey beach wedding venue

There are so many fabulous wedding venues in Monterey! The Monterey beach station is one of those gems! You don’t need to travel to Hawaii to hold your ceremony right on the beach!

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Monterey Beach Station

Enjoy your wedding experience with your toes in the sand and the soothing sounds of the ocean waves! The beautiful wide open Monterey Bay in the background as you exchange vows and seal your promise with a kiss!

As the sunsets, your celebration continues in the beautiful historic venue! Your guests will love the delicious food and fabulous service!

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Monterey wedding venue
Monterey Beach House | Wedding venue

Monterey Wedding

While you might visit Monterey for your vacation or perhaps you live in the area. Monterey is a place you’ll want to come back to time and time again! What better place to book your wedding venue so that each year you can celebrate your love with escaping to the beauty this place has to offer! 

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Wedding Venue

When planning for your special day, there are several things to think about while selecting your wedding venue. We always recommend having your ceremony and reception at one location is always a huge plus! You will maximize your time and keep the celebration going without skipping a step. 

It is very rare to find venues where you can have your ceremony by the sea! The Monterey Beach Station is one of those wedding locations! Wonderful staff and amazing views for your special day! If you are looking for a venue for your special day or event you should definitely reach out to Amanda here!

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While you are planning for your event, you might also need a photographer! That’s were we come in! We would love to hear about your event! How can we best serve you?

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