Tommy & Joanne Back Yard Wedding

Like a snowflake, everyone’s love story is special and unique. It’s one of the reasons we love weddings! Hearing our couples love story is something we look forward to. There’s something so beautiful when the love birds tell their story and for the moment they relive that turning point from dating to the proposal. So magical!!!!! We are excited to share with you Tommy & Joannes story as well as their beautiful back yard wedding!

For Tommy and Joanne their story began at a very young age as friends. Their story is so special! Before they started dating, Joanne was best friends with Tommys older sister. As friends they agreed Tommy was off limits. So for a several years Joanne acted as though she didn’t like him. It wasn’t until a trip to Disney World with his family that changed everything. They were racing to get out of the rain when it clicked. That moment when they knew they were supposed to be together.

Planning a back yard wedding can be challenging. For Joanne it was on another level. She planned the whole wedding in THREE months while he was in boot camp!! Since he had no phone access, their only communication was through letters! Looking back Joanne said it was hard but so unique.

A week prior to their back yard wedding day, her grandma was really sick in the ER. They feared she wasn’t going to make it. So they decided to hold a special ceremony. His mom officiated for them in the ER room with their closest family and the staff made her a bouquet of flowers. A moment that will always be special to Joanne.

Fun fact, their back yard wedding day officiant also conducted Tommy’s parents ceremony!!

We share the above details all with the permission of the lovely bride. As mentioned above we look forward to hearing these precious love stories. So if you would like to share your story or some of your favorite back yard wedding details, please comment below!

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