The Perfect Parent Gift

parent gift wedding album

If you’ve just gotten married, parent gift albums are a no-brainer gift! They’re personal, meaningful, and your parents probably are going to love them! Honestly, we wish we would have done this for our parents right after our wedding!

The standard wedding album for our couples is 10 inches by 10 inches. Which is great to reminisce as the details of your special day are preserved in an heirloom for you enjoy year after year.

Parent Gift Album

For the perfect parent gift, our album is 8 inches by 8 inches!Great for a proud mom and dad to have readily available to show to all of their friends and probably everyone they know! Yes, it was your wedding day but it was huge for your parents! They need to know that you appreciate them. That even though you are now married, that you have not forgotten about them.

Can you just imagine with us for a second; your parents invite their friends over for dinner. They are asking all about how your wedding was. Your mom most likely but maybe your dad, brings out the beautiful parent gift album and all the beautiful images of your wedding day details and memories are all right there!

Can we be honest with you for a second? Your digital files are not as important as your wedding album nor your parent gift album. I know that’s not the MOST popular opinion and don’t get us wrong there’s nothing wrong with having your images on the online gallery…BUT here’s what we know. Ready?⁠

Albums + Prints

We all know that physical heirlooms, like albums and prints, stand the test of time and last through the generations!⁠

Timeless wedding albums hold all of the emotion from your wedding day, right at your fingertips⁠

And your someday-kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews will be able to experience your love story for themselves because you INVESTED in good quality products that last.⁠

Our purpose as your wedding photographer is to create precious physical heirlooms that are not only beautiful themselves but transports you back to the emotions of your wedding, so that your most cherished memories are preserved for generations. ⁠

No matter what, we want all of our clients and their parents to experience a timeless heirloom, a wedding album created just for you or parent gift albums for the very proud parent!

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