Thankful Hearts Thursday

Happy Thursday! We are Tee & Rebecca. This week has been a busy one! It’s so easy to get caught up with it all. To keep our sanity we remind ourselves of all the things we are thankful for. So here goes our thankful Thursday! Having an attitude of gratitude must be intentional! We find that the more we exercise this in our lives the happier we are. Just like a muscle! Even deeper than happiness is joy! The key to overflowing joy is (…drum roll please…) a thankful heart!! So we would like to share a few things we are most thankful for.

Our Top Five

1. Our Marriage

As newly weds, we are so thankful to have each other. Married Saturday, September 1 2019 we have been very blessed! Being married has already shown us that communication is a huge part! We challenge each other, cheer each other on and are learning the deeper meaning of what it really means to love someone.

2. Our family/friends and the sacrifice they make for us

We are soooo thankful for our family/friends. Gosh, if we were to list everything they have done for us and the support that they have given to us through their love we would fill the internet!! OK maybe not FILL THE INTERNET, but you get our point. 

3. Ability to wiggle our toes

Last year our church brought in a special guest speaker Travis Mills, retired United States Army Staff Sergeant and rehabilitated warrior. He started by asking the crowd to wiggle your toes and then to wiggle your fingers. While in the military Travis lost both his arms and his legs, needless to say he could not wiggle his toes nor fingers. This brought a new appreciation for the small things we often take for granted.

4. Caffeine

Let’s be honest, we are hooked on caffeine. Can’t get enough of it! Most mornings we use a pour over or a French press. Tee prefers the flavors from french press while Rebecca loves the easy clean up of the pour over. Occasionally we treat our selves to a fancy latte or macchiato. Either way we are so thankful!☕️

5. Jesus

Even though we list Jesus last, this is in no order, for the type A’s out there, sorry. Quite contrary, Jesus is our #1. We are by no means perfect and have our fair share of mistakes however we aim for our faith to guide us. This is because we truly believe that without Jesus as our foundation, life would be so less fulfilling.

Last thoughts on our thankful Thursday…I think it’s so easy to forget about how much we have and how much we are blessed in our lives. What ever it is and no matter what circumstance you are in, you will always have things to be thankful for. Once you focus on those things, your perspective starts to change on your life. TRUST ME IT DOES!

So for you, what are things that you are grateful or thankful for?

Unfortunately we don’t have a photo with every friend and family member, but the impact on our lives from those in and out of the photos have been life changing 💖

What is something this Thursday that you are most thankful for?

Photographer: CM Sours Photography

Makeup: J Faith Beauty

Hair: Becca Mann

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