Salt Lake City Proposal | Stephen + Sarah

This Salt Lake City renovation surprise proposal is different than other proposals we have photographed. However, it is particularly special! We had received a call from Stephen while in the car and had pulled over in the REI parking lot. Stephen is Rebecca’s little brother…well only younger by 1 year. He and his girlfriend, Sarah, had been dating for a while and he felt it was time to pop the question!

Solitaire Engagement Ring by Tee Lambert Photography


One of our goals is to spend more quality time with friends and family! We have been talking with Stephen about being more intentional in spending time hanging out, so this was a perfect “cover story” for our visit. We arrive to Salt Lake City Monday night and had a chance to talk with Stephen what his vision was for his proposal to Sarah.

Salt Lake City Proposal by Tee Lambert Photography

Stephen had just purchased a home in Salt Lake City with plans of remodeling it. So, while Sarah was at work, Stephen had begun locating the electrical within the walls they had wanted to knock down. Stephen found the perfect spot to hide the ring in the wall!! Later that day we all were about to begin the demolition of several rooms, but first we were treated to some delicious ribs! (Stay tuned for a separate blog on our travel, views, and food from Salt Lake City) Ok back to the reason we are all here, the proposal!

Salt Lake City Proposal by Tee Lambert Photography

We convinced Sarah that we are creating a YouTube how to video for Stephen. Stephen and Sarah are telling us all about which walls are going to be coming down, how to test electrical outlets, and the plans of the space. They begin putting holes in the drywall and pulling large chunks. You never know what can be in the walls in these older Salt Lake City homes! A small black box! In it the beautiful solitaire engagement ring! Stephen now on one knee, ” I can’t image life without you, will you spend the rest of our lives together?” OMG questions the heart melt! Sarah pleasantly surprised said yes to his proposal!

Surprise Proposal in Salt Lake City, Utah by Tee and Rebecca Photography

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She Said Yes Proposal by Tee Lambert Photography

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