Maternity Photoshoot

A maternity photoshoot is a very special time in a couples life! It’s a time when a couple transitions into a family! A way of welcoming the little one who will be arriving soon to all your friends and family before his or her birthday! It’s no longer just the two of you but bringing a life into the world and being responsible to love and to care for this new life.

Last week we had the pleasure in working with Kameo and Froylan for their maternity photoshoot. The two are so excited to be welcoming their first born and expanding to become a family!! Such an exciting time in their lives!!! We held their session at Toro Park! A great family friendly park!

The love between two is so inspirational and during their maternity photoshoot you could definitly feel the love! Many people are drawn to this infectious energy. Millions of movies and books have been created to share this love. But what is even more special is when that very same love is poured into a new life.

Kameo and Froylan, thank you for trusting us to document your maternity photoshoot, a very special time in your lives!!! We had such a blast and love your sense of humor!!! We hope you enjoy this sneak peak!

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