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Knoxville is known as “The Volunteer State,” a nickname earned during the War of 1812. For a history buff, ie Tee, he loved learning that thousands of volunteer soldiers from Tennessee played a prominent role during times of war. This name stuck when the secretary of state asked for 2,800 Tennessee volunteers and got 30,000 respondents!

Because who doesn’t love trains?!

For Rebecca, she loves the historical brick builds and tall white pillars Knoxville has to offer!

As we travel to The Great Smokey Mountains to photograph a wedding, we thought we would do a little exploring!


The giant golden microphone looking structure behind us is known as the Sunsphere. It is a 266 ft high hexagonal steel truss structure, topped with a 75 ft gold-colored glass sphere that served as the symbol of the 1982 World’s Fair.

Fun Fact: The Sunsphere remains standing directly across a man-made pond from the Tennessee Amphitheater, the only other structure remaining from the 1982 World’s Fair.

The streets of Knoxville

Wish one of us played piano! However, we enjoyed the random strangers who casually played magical to our ears.

Delicious appetizers
Stock & Barrel in Knoxville, Tennessee would have to be our favorite place to eat! Rebecca finally tried fried green tomatoes and loved them! Tees burger was cooked to perfection and topped with blue cheese, bacon, fried jalapeño and you would never guess…. blueberry jam!!! But let us tell you it was all delicious!
Knoxville's stock & Barrel
Knoxville Sign

Ok while in Knoxville, we had to add this purely because it said Lambert! Does any one else get excited when you see your name on a sign?

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