Firehouse Chicago Wedding Venue

We are so excited for an upcoming wedding in Chicago! Known as the “windy city”,  Chicago is filled with so many great venue options! The wedding venue our bride and groom to be has selected is the historical Firehouse Chicago. Described as vintage, rustic style and lush garden creating the perfect setting to celebrate. Everything we have found has shown exact that! The exterior has the classic stone and brick combination. While the interior has a functional fire pole! Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen! You heard, well read, that correctly! Limited to only the bride and groom, if they choose to do so.

Chicago Wedding venue

So why are we so excited for this venue and would you want to have your wedding here??? Based on what we’ve seen so far in our research, the site has a lot of great character yet leaving any event planner enough space to express their own creativity. This intimate city venue is very charming! An indoor spiral staircase for an alternate entrance or even an exterior more traditional roomier set of stairs out on to the lush garden for a classy entrance. Make no mistake we are excited about all three options as well as seeing which method our couple decides to make their reappearance as husband and wife.

This cozy gem allows versatility from one event to another yet giving the classical backdrop for those special hand chosen details to distinguish your celebration. If you have a chance to check out Firehouse Chicago we recommend giving it a look!

If you have a favorite wedding venue in the Chicago area please comment below with the site name and location. We love to explore and assist our couples in venue recommendations.

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