Engagement Photos, How to Prepare!

First of all, congratulations! You are engaged!!!!! Let’s just take a moment a let that soak in! This is huge! How does it feel having an engagement ring on your finger??? Ok there’s a lot coming your way, but don’t forget to have fun together! Most people only have their engagement photos done once in their life! That being said we want your experience to be the absolute best experience! We are going to share with you our best tips and tricks in how to prepare for your session!

When it comes to preparing for your engagement photos, there are a few things we highly encourage to get the most out of your experience. As a Monterey wedding photographer, we always work with our clients to prep them for their photos. So, here are our best tips and how to prepare for your photoshoot.

Engagement Photos

1. What to wear for your engagement photos

When it comes to outfits, our couples always bring two outfits, generally a casual outfit and a formal dressier outfit. Most people only get engagement photos done once so why not take the time and plan ahead.

We give you permission to shop!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen treat yourselves! An outfit that makes you look and feel fantastic is so important! One of Rebecca’s favorite dress shops is Baltic Born! Although lately she loves her heated vest from Ororo (shameless $20 off when you use this link)! Now, we understand not everyone is looking to buy something new, so don’t forget there is always the option to rent! Remember, you are investing hundreds into an engagement session, if your outfit doesn’t make you feel like a million dollars then you should invest in your wardrobe too! The most important part though is to feel comfortable. You don’t want to not feel uncomfortable in your outfit.

Coordinate Don’t Match

Your outfits should complement the other. You do not need to be match-match. Dressing in the same color family will help the photos feel balanced.

Colors & Patterns

Choosing patterns and colors that don’t compete with what is around you, is important. You don’t want to be wearing colors in the green and yellow family and be photographed in a field/trees. Stick to light and neutral colors. Blush, soft blues, light grays, & cream are great starting points. Flowy dresses, blazers, non-patterned scarfs and cardigans, leather, and layers! Don’t be afraid to add small splashes of colors too!

Complement Each other

If one shows up in a t-shirt and jeans and the other dressed up, it will look off but not in a positive way. Look as if you are both are going to the same place. Match the levels of dressiness and casualness!

Dresses for engagement photos

2. Consider Professional Hair and Makeup

To all of our brides, this is a perfect time for your hair and makeup trial with your wedding makeup artist! Trust us! There are amazing professionals out will pamper you and make you feel like million dollars! We would love to share with you some of those awesome professionals!

Monterey Wedding Photographer

3. Location, Location, location

When you think of your future engagement photos, what do you envision is around you or off in the distance? Do you love the beach and the amazing views as much as we do? We have a list of our go-to places for all of our couples and some extra fun spots for those willing to venture a little bit further!

Wedding Photographer

4. Engagement Photos that you’ll love!

One of the biggest parts in capturing beautiful engagement photos that you’ll love is in the lighting! There are certain times of the day that are ideal for those gorgeous and dreamy photos! When we schedule photoshoots, we pay close attention to when the sun will set. It’s all in the soft flattering light and staying away from the harsh light with unflattering shadows!

Engagement Photos

5. Engagement Photos, turn date night!

Lastly, never stop dating the love of your life! You’ve gone through all this effort to preparing for your engagement photos. You’ve treated yourself with a fantastic outfit, you’ve pampered yourself with getting your hair and makeup and well you just feel like a million dollars! Start your morning off with a breakfast date at your favorite cafe or end your evening with a romantic night out!

Take a look at some of our engagement sessions for inspiration by clicking here!

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