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Tucked in the sunny hillsides of Monterey, California is the gorgeous Purple Pastures Lavender Farm. When we came across this location, we absolutely knew this would be the perfect outdoor location for Greg & Tiffany’s couple portrait session!

lavender farm

We first met Tiffany & Greg through our church. They are parents to three of the sweetest kids you will ever meet! These two have been there while we were going through some tough times; and their simple acts of kindness to us and frankly, so many others during rough times have been such a blessing!

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Let me just say this, I don’t know if you have ever been to a Lavender field or if you even KNEW one existed in Monterey County but this place was absolutely gorgeous. The lighting was perfectly placed on the hills and the purple on the lavender was so vibrant and full of life. Rebecca and I absolutely loved our experience of being there, never felt more calm in our lives BUT more importantly we had so much fun capturing Greg and Tiffany!

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Thank you so much Greg & Tiffany for trusting us with this special moment! And especially trusting us in this new location of the Purple Pastures Lavender Farm!

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Lavender Farm

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Lastly, if you are looking for a great gift OR want a little something for yourself; we highly recommend any and all products from Purple Pastures Lavender Farm! We can’t say any more but the best about them!

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Don’t you just love lavender fields?!

We are taking a poll and kind of curious if you would be interested in a Summer Mini session at a nearby lavender field? These are great for couples or families. If we do these they will be limited on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information, click here and let us know!

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