Carmel Love Birds Photo Session

It is spring time here in Carmel, California and we are back with our friends Josh and Andrea for their photo session! We love these two love birds! We were so excited to have them back, but this time just the two of them. While Grandma was on babysitting duty, these two love birds enjoyed a fabulous date night!

We had the privilege holding multiple photo sessions with them in Carmel and Lovers Point! You may remember them from our previous blog Baby on Board at Lovers Point for a maternity session. We were over the moon excited that these two decided to have a date night following the photo session. How easy it is for life to get a hold of us, our jobs, our todo lists, tasks that just need to get done and yet we might not have time for a date night. Like when you first started dating. Maybe you spent extra time getting ready, or even went out of your way for a new outfit. Maybe you went out to a special restaurant or a local favorite.

Never forget to keep dating each other! Relationships only survive if you feed into them.

We had so much fun in Carmel working with taking Josh & Andrea for their photo session! We really struggled selecting photos for the blog! I mean the struggle was REAL! We tried our best to cut down on the number of photos for this blog and still ended up with ones we just could not say no to! Josh & Andrea, thank you again for taking time out of your day and we hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!!!!

If you like what you see here and would like to get ahead this year, we are scheduling family sessions!  Great for printing out for the mantle must have as well as holiday/seasonal cards! Let us know by CLICKING HERE.

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